Artist Statement

For the past decade the artwork that I have created has been concerned with engaging the viewer. I have always been interested in the conversation that takes place between art and observer. I try to create works of art that invite people to be more than passive viewers and actually engage with the work. Whether I am painting large-scale murals or finely detailed pen and ink drawings this remains true. I create images that allow the viewer to interpret the meaning behind them in their own way, through their own set of values. I am not concerned with convincing someone of my viewpoints and beliefs through my art. For me this is an important part of creating a successful public art project. Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of working on many exterior and interior murals. I have built a great reputation as an artist that can create site-specific work on any type of surface. Painting on wood, metal, masonry, brick and fiberglass I have learned how to prepare and finish murals to last for decades. Not only do I have the ability to work on many surfaces but I also work in many different styles. My art overwhelms and moves the eye with a barrage of symbols and illustrations. These images are broken into fragments and achieve a balance between loose abstractions and highly detailed images. Every piece of work will look drastically different when viewed from close up and afar. I want people to spend that extra minute with my art and engage in the visual conversation that art creates.

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