“Finetoon” Pen and Ink Drawings

Are you looking for that special gift or family heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come? Well, look no further, “Finetoon” custom drawings by Chris Bates are your ticket to fulfill that need. My “Finetooning” drawings are both highly unique and personal and process of coming up with a workable composition and personalizing each piece, with your story is an interactive and fun experience.

How it Works – Whether you are doing a portrait of yourself, your children, loved one, relative, friend, pet, house, or favorite spot, the first thing that I need is a group of photos from you. I will come up with a composition by working off of those photos, converting them into a simplified grey-scale. After the main composition is decided, you will need to determine the size that you would like the drawing to be. After that, you will provide me with as much information that is relevant to the subject as you can. These ideas can be anything and everything that is deemed important by you, special dates, favorite foods, books, movies, vacations, hobbies, occupations, the more the merrier! From that information I will interpret your stories into images and draw in all of the details that will make up the interior of the piece. Literally the story that you provide will become the life of the picture.

What Does each Commission Include? – With each piece you will get a personal and unique piece of art for your home or loved one. Every commission will include up to two portraits or main subjects. Additional portraits can be added to the price which is determined by the size and complexity of the piece. Each piece will be professionally matted and framed, using archival materials. The pieces will be matted using a black mat and framed in a simple black frame, unless you specify a custom frame style. High quality scans will be made of each drawing so that prints can be purchased at anytime by contacting me at artist@mightyfineart.org.

How Long Does It Take? – The work to gather your photos and create a mock up usually takes 1-2 weeks. Some of that depends on how quick we are to make decisions and get images and feedback to each other. Once we decide on a composition the smaller drawings can take 1-2 weeks,(7X10″ and 10X14″) larger drawings (12X18″ and 18X24″) can take 1-2 months to complete.

How is Price Determined? – I utilize a formula that works off of square inches to determine the price. I can create a drawing in any size or shape to fill your needs. Below you can find a standard size and price chart to give you a place to start.

Standard Size Price List

Drawing size Price
7X10” – $950.00
10X14” – $2000.00
12X18” – $3000.00
18X24” – $4500.00

Additional Prints Pricing

7X10″ – $30.00
10X14″ – $50.00
12X18″ – $65.00
18X24″ – $120.00

Get started on your custom piece contact Chris at
(970) 690 –2459 or chrisbatesart@gmail.com or you can check out the calendar here for available slots.


  1. I’ve stumbled upon this page sort of by accident, but am really loving your work! I happen to be down in Fort Collins visiting for a few days from Steamboat, do you have a gallery here? I’d love to commission a piece at some point, how backed up are you on orders?
    Thanks! Julia

    • Julia,
      Thanks for checking out the site! I don’t currently have work up in a gallery, but I do have a couple of pieces in Mahogany Ridge up in the ‘boat. I am currently about two months out for creating a new drawing. That said, I can start the process with you at anytime to get the ball rolling. Thanks Again,

  2. Do you hand draw with a pen and ink or is your work digital and refined in Photoshop
    Thank you

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