Finetoon Legacy Projects


Finetoon Legacy Projects As an artist I am constantly searching for way to provide greater meaning for my work and provide a service to the world. I always felt that it would be great to memorialize exceptional people with my Finetoon drawings to tell their life stories. I was inspired …

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“Finetoon” Pen and Ink Drawings

Chris Bates, 2007, "Noble Cause" pen and ink, 24"x18", Commssion for Charlie Noble of Steamboat Springs, CO.

Are you looking for that special gift or family heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come? Well, look no further, “Finetoon” custom drawings by Chris Bates are your ticket to fulfill that need. My “Finetooning” drawings are both highly unique and personal and process of coming up with …

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Chris Bates, "Yogartist", 10'x28', mural for Old Town Yoga, Fort Collins, CO, 2011

I have been creating murals since 2006. During that period of time I have created murals for small and large businesses, governments, churches, schools, hospitals, farms and individuals. I have painted on brick, wood, masonry, panels, transformer boxes, pianos, delivery trucks, exterior walls and interior rooms. I love to fill …

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